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A very rare Breitling ref. 809 which is NEW OLD STOCK. This Cosmonaute triple register chronograph has never been opened, worn, or serviced since it left the Breitling factory in 1967. It is as new, and even still has the original factory sticker on the case back with the original price in Swiss Francs! It also has a twenty four hour dial. It was intended to be a watch for space flight, where there is no normal sense of night and day, so the dial is marked for twenty four hours instead of the normal twelve. Scott Carpenter wore on of these on his Mercury Atlas powered three orbit flight. His capsule was Aurora 7, and he made the flight in May 1962. The watch will not be serviced unless so requested by the new owner, in which case that service will be extra. This is because if the piece goes in to a collection, it is better left as it is, untouched and totally original.
Dimensions = 22mm between the lugs, 41mm w/o the crown,44mm with the crown and 47mm lug to lug.

Scott Carpenter Mercury Aurora US space flight