Welcome to classic wristwatch
I strive to offer my clients the best possible service. I want every buyer to be completely satisfied with their chosen watch and the service I offer. Please ask any questions or request any further images or description of a watch you may be interested in. I will ensure you receive all the information you require to help with your decision. I guarantee that all my watches are authentic and as described. The watches I offer for sale are from my private collection. I make sure they are genuine examples in very nice condition when I buy them because I am spending my own money. There are many fakes and forgeries being offered for sale, purporting to be the real thing. It is always wise to buy the seller, then buy the watch.

When you have viewed my watches for sale, and have decided you would like to own one, please contact me for any further details you may require or to arrange for your chosen watch to be put on hold. It will take at least a week for me to collect the piece and take it to my watch maker for service and timing. That will take at least a further two weeks, as he not only times them on his machine, but runs them for several days to determine they are running well and keeping time in the real world. I will require a 25% deposit to reserve the watch, and the balance will be required when the watch is ready to ship. Shipping costs are extra and are dependant on the service you choose.

I only take payment by electronic bank transfer, and will furnish you with the relevant bank details for that transfer. Payments can take several days to process, especially if they are international. I will inform you when the process has completed.

My apologies, but I do not offer a collection service. However, for any client who finds it convenient, I am able to meet at Birmingham International Airport, to deliver a watch.

I purchase shipping on your behalf, you must choose the shipping company and service you require, together with any insurance you wish to include, and I will arrange the details. You are welcome to arrange the shipping yourself, and I will work with you and your chosen carrier as to collection times and dates.

For a watch that is being shipped, the watch will be well and securely packed so it should go through the shipping process without any problems. For shipping within the UK and for international destinations, several alternatives are available. I include links to the  major carriers so that you may visit their websites and peruse the various services they offer. I strongly suggest that you choose a shipping method that includes a facilty to track the progress over the entire journey. It will be your responsibility to check the insurance services they offer to cover for loss or damage in transit, and arrange an appropriate level of cover, in the unlikely event you should need it. As I arrange shipping on your behalf, should you need the service, any claims you might need to make will be your responsibility. I will make the claim and carry out the process on your behalf, unless you choose to arrange your own shipping. Once a watch leaves my possesion, I have no further control of the process. I also have no control over the customs process of any country where the package is going to an international location.

Once you have chosen the shipper, service, and any enhancements you require, let me know and I will obtain a quote. I will need your location details to do so. For UK locations, a post code should suffice. For international clients, I will need a full name, address, post code and telephone number.

Many more carriers can be found using a Google search, should you wish to find an alternative service.